When you arrive, perhaps you might be surprised with the small dimensions of the building, and the colonial facade´s pure lines won´t be enough to take away that impression, it is not until you cross the ironworks grate when you become aware of the magic and charm of the enjoyment of their dwellers.

At the moment you cross “Casa Cid de Leon” threshold; warmth, confort and harmony, seem to be simple words to turn into experiences that you can feel in the quiet intimacy of your suite room, with the incomparable delight to have your own home in Oaxaca.

The Little home universo which consists of: Bella Epoca, Dominica, Don Rodrigo, La Agustiniana, Jardin del Carmelo, Mío Cid and Aranjuez, allows you to be and feel the unique dweller. Whether you travel alone or with friends; or in a necessary escape of your important duties; or in an idyllic anniversary; whatever reason you might have for your trip, hare you will find the perfect frame to living in privacy.