Where to get prior information about the destination?

We can gladly provide all the information you request, but can also be obtained directly at the sites of the State Government of Oaxaca.

Ministry of Tourism Development:

Municipal Department of Tourism:

Convention and Visitors Bureau:

Oaxaca City Magazine:

Is the transfer to and from the airport is included?

Included as a service we offer our clients transportation airport-hotel-airport, special trip to Suburban A / C and leather seats. We require details of your arrival.

What is the food service hours?

To frame the concept of warmth and privacy of home, the newspaper accompany your breakfast and serve it to your liking, in bed or on the terrace, on the schedule you want.

Normal hours of food service in the room is from 8.30 am to 11 pm, without rigor, ie, we are always ready to serve you even out of hours, as far as possible.

What is your cooking style?

What now is our weakness, it is also our advantage. We do not have a formal meal own kitchen, but we can serve them because we are surrounded by major restaurants immediate location (in some cases the house next door or the front), so we can offer:

:: International Cuisine - Restaurant Catedral.
:: Italian Cuisine - Restaurant Morgan.
:: Naturist Kitchen - Gourmet Gaia.

We guarantee a fast and efficient without increasing the prices of the restaurant that serves, only suggest adding a tip for the service.

Is there a reception area?

We have a special place for our guests to be hosting a group of up to 40 people in "The Bell" area adjacent to the terrace. In this space, under the beautiful blanket of stars above Oaxaca, we serve cheese or wine, or a full dinner with a menu of your choice.

Their meeting can also be entertained by a string ensemble, a trio, a guitar player or satellite music channels.

We recommend to use this service to entertain your friends in Oaxaca, and impress your business contacts, be they residents or visitors in the city.

Can you help in organizing my event?

His idea is fortunate, Oaxaca is the ideal place to celebrate an important moment in his life. Wedding, christening or anniversary deserve the best scenario. Be organized in a professional manner and we are able to help him at every stage. Please requiéranos.

Can they overcome the lack of Pool?

Yes, we have delivered to the Hotel Casa Antica and Club Deportivo Brenamiel, the admission of our guests by paying a guest fee.

We also provide on request, baby sitter service to accompany children to the pool.

Where rates are including tips?

No, our staff will strive to serve you and make you feel at all times, at home, always ready to provide services required by small, with no increase to your bill. We anticipate our gratitude for your generosity to them (we suggest that his party, authorize or give them $ 10.00 per room per day of stay).