Oaxaca City

The state of Oaxaca - says the writer Fernando Olivares - "can be played on a sheet of paper. First you crumpled in his fist and then extend it for the scars are a metaphor for their troubled terrain "mountains guarding the home of our heart carved stone always open, offering to its passengers: The City of Oaxaca.

That's why Oaxaca, sunny days, which glows in the colors of their costumes, music and markets, which floods the eye with the beauty of its rugged landscapes, crafts and art, is a point must for anyone who can boast of admiring the beauty, who prides himself on his quest for peace and succumbs between the usages, customs and traditions of the past that although remote, is shown live on the proud passing of his days.

So Oaxaca, the colonial city of Indian ancestry and serene beauty, which cools the evening to accompany climate who walk through its squares, churches, markets, streets and alleys, as they can display proudly and sometimes petulant, his green stone architectural face an instant, and then flushed by the audacity of radiant colored buildings.

If you are lucky to how to deal with the clouds, you can see the splendor that looks the watermark of their buildings when wet by rain.

Nights airy, decorated with the glimmer of their lanterns, to cherish with loving stealth, inviting him to direct his steps towards the Zocalo, to integrate small-town charm and enjoy a nice dinner, a drink or a coffee at the gates , as his gaze wanders from the magnificent cathedral, and discourse to the flow of walkers or to the trees that seem to dance, timidly, to the accompaniment of a mariachi remote Isten marimba, because Latin American music that comes from one of its best known restaurants.

When the night stars embroidered on all of the sky, just missing cross the threshold of small, noble building of this Casa Cid de Leon, where comfort, warmth, space and harmony, they stop being mere words, experiences become the tired traveler, leaving to enjoy the serenity and charm emanating from this exquisite home in Oaxaca, invaded by a unique peace, indescribable.

From this point Cid Oaxaca and Casas de Leon, are blended in his mind, because they are not, they are a concept, are a way ... They are the reflection of his own spirit.