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And what about the Agustiniana! Lety had wanted to be here and have a professional degree, to express her all his love for Don Agustin, always held the host of the house. Also Mio Cid, the family suite which was part of the Augustinian far from dividing, it will be multiplying together both spaces. So our host is here represented in its taste for chess, his devotion to the Sacred Heart and especially its people, cheerful and well-appointed suite for serve.

The suite preserves two bedrooms. The main bedroom hosts a sturdy wooden staircase leads to where imagination wants to take us while the dome of the ¨Church of Carmen Bajo¨ and the unique sky of Oaxaca; motivate the sleep of those who inhabit it. In the other bedroom, also for two people, you order the disposition of the beds in single or king size, that's why you are the homeowner.