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The religious art of the house is found here. Frescos of Dominican origin, painted by young artists who participated in the restoration of santo Domingo Cultural centre, decórate the walls. Black coral sculptures, early works by Oaxacan artista, Mariano´s books and a “Dolorosa” painted in the 18 th century compete for our attention. The monumental headboard sculpted in Wood – which holds a fresco by the Oaxaca painter Misael Froylán – gives this suite a dignified and elegant air.

The light is perfect to show off the decor in all its splendor.

Although this suite has less outside light tan the others, and is located on the ground floor, it is the quietest of all, and is a truly beautiful place where you feel as if in a cocoon.

This quiet and serene suite has a secret garden, from which the music of the waterfall murmurs throughout the rooms. Windows from the library and bedroom open onto the scents and sights of the hidden garden.